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Company News >> Top 3 ways to make logo on bamboo wood products

Most people like to make custom logo/brand or pattern on their products, how many ways do you know to make it on bamboo and wooden products? Which is good for your products? Read on to end your concern.

There are 3 ways widely used for bamboo and wood items.

1) Hot stamp / burnt

It need to create a metal mould for the logo and then operated by electric hot stamping machine. The hot stamping logo is clear, but the color is only dark brown, and there is a little chromatic aberration due to the density of each bamboo or wood item. Usually, this way is used for small size logo. It can be used for different shaped goods, but most factory used it for flat products.


2) Laser engraving

Its operated by laser engraved machine directly, no need any mould, just to adjust the logo file by computer, so this way is very convenient, and the logo is very clear (its clearer than hot stamped logo) and not easy to remove. Like the burnt logo, the color is only dark brown and there is also a little chromatic aberration due to the density of each bamboo or wood item, its mostly used for small size logo (its not economic for large size logo by this way) and can be for different shaped goods. The operated time and cost by laser engraving is a little more than hot stamp logo.


3) Silk screen printing

Its printed by ink, can make different colors logo, but it mostly used for flat items, and its good for large size printing.

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